lundi 6 août 2012

waiting list

WIG: No wait for the wig

Waiting list for MAKE-UP / BODY BLUSHING:

Reservation pour Janvier 2016
Jeannie: 2 Realpuki

Reservation pour Février 2016

Reservation pour Mars 2016

Vacations  from March 01  to March 31 ,  back for the Commissions , from April 01

Reservation pour Avril 2016
Marina: 2 Nefer Kane Heads

Reservation pour Mai 2016
Reservation pour Juin 2016

Reservation pour Aout 2016
Elodie: different bjd + doll
Carole: Patty + Ayatana

No reservation during September/october to prepare my booth at the Ldoll Festival on 29-30th October 2016

Reservation pour Novembre 2016
Elodie: different bjd + doll
Carole: Kameko +Alysé
Joy(FB): BJDs

Reservation pour Décembre 2016

Now I take  commissions in exceptional cases.

With my way of working, it's easier for me to create dresses when I have the envy and put it on sale, in my etsy shop, or making dresses for OOAK with your doll at my home.
To know when there will be available dresses for sale, subscribe to the newsletter and you'll be the first warning

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